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What is The Purpose of This Site?

To exchange and consolidate information on KIPNIS genealogy. This is a not-for-profit project!


Who is This Site For?

It's for anyone with the name KIPNIS, or has an ancestor who carried this name. If you are interested in exploring the family's history, bookmark this site! Please send an email to find out how to submit information to this site.


Why is a Site Like This Needed?

Consider the following points:

  • Finally, a "Forest For The Trees": To date, more than 20 distinct KIPNIS family branches (including those with spelling variations like KIPNES, KIPNISS, KIPNEES) have been identified. A few of these branches have been joined together successfully, but the majority have not. By sending family tree information to the researchers on this site, we can try to link your tree to the known branches, and add the tree to our databases.

  • To Determine Our Point Of Origin(s): Most KIPNIS people have common geographical points of origin, e.g., Zhitomir, Kiev, Kalinovka, etc. This researchers involved with this web site will seek to gather information on this topic and make it available to those who have an interest in it.

  • We All Seek the Same Thing: the missing links in our family trees! We have a large database of family tree, census and other information which can help identify which of the known trees a KIPNIS person belongs to.


A Final Thought

This site is rapidly changing and growing. If you find the information on this site to be helpful, email. us and let us know. We are more than willing to share specific information in trade for your own help and knowledge, so please... join us!

Comments and questions please e-mail to Webmaster
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