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Ken Meyerson Salt Lake City, UT Ken's family tree starts in Zhitomir with his ggf Aron KIPNIS. His research involves compiling KIPNIS name information from the SSDI, census, and U.S. immigration indexes. Ken is also the webmaster for this site.  
Fran Bailey Newfane NY Fran's family tree begins in 1868 Zhitomir where her KIPNIS grandmother lived before moving to Odessa - and then to America.  Fran has compiled several KIPNIS family trees from contacts world-wide.  Perhaps you have received a letter from Fran before! Please send your family tree to Fran by email, or by fax  at (716) 751-0400.
Leonid Kaminsky Ellicott Citty, MD Leonid was born in Moscow, and has been in the U.S. since 1992. His KIPNIS family tree originates in Radomysl, in the year 1846. Leonid is also providing the server for hosting this site (thanks, Leonid!)

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