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      Canadian Ships Arrivals - St. Albans District Ports

St. Albans manifest records of aliens arriving from foreign contiguous territory. Arrivals at Canadian border ports from January 1895 – June 30, 1954 (LDS microfilm 1473014).

Note nr = nearest relative in country of origin. dest = destination (includes contact info). pob = place of birth, doa = date/port of arrival, lr=last residence, ‘occ’=occupation. Note that these abbreviations were omitted when the information was not available.

KIPNIS, Abraham: male, 22y, pob: Ksaverow, Russia (? Spelling). Nr: His wife, Zirel KIPNIS (no location in Russia given). Dest: Meet uncle, Pesach Sandsman, residing at 1200 w.13th St. Chicago, IL.; Doa: 6-12-13 at the port of Quebec.

KIPNIS, Abram: male, 38y, occ: tailor pob: (illigible). Nr: Bassie KIPNIS, residing in "Gov. Woliner Lisperose". Dest: Meeting cousin Morris Minovitch in Chicago, IL. Doa: Feb (or Sep) 20, 1911 at port of St. John.

KIPNIS, Aron: male, 18y, and accompanied by "Scheindel" (age 16). POB: Slowize; Nr: Bashe KIPNIS, residing in Mowisze. Dest: Abraham KIPNIS, 1308 Johnson St. Chicago, IL. Doa: ?-19-12 at port of St. John (New Brunswick).

KIPPNES, Baer: male, 58y, pob: "Prahilow" [maybe Brailow?] Occ: tailor. Dest: "joining son Hyman" at 2107 E. Baltimore St. Baltimore, MD. Doa: 7-3-14 at port of Winnipeg.

KIPNIS, Biela: female, age 4y & 6m. Accompanied by Ester (30y). POB: Bazar, Russia. NR: Brother Jankel Jano, residing in "Novygrodwolynsk, Wolyn". Dest: Lieb(?) KIPNIS, 935 W. 12th St. Chicago, IL Doa: 2-19-14, Port of Halifax.

KIPNIS, Hasia: female, 46y. pob: Kalinovka. Accompanied by:  Rebecca: female 20y, Samuel: male 19y,  Benjamin: male 18y (listed nr as "grandfather Heszl ?uzyk" in Ovric (Volyn, Russia), Cypa: female, 15y,  Lazar: male 13y,   Srulik: male 9y. Dest: Meeting husband Chaim KIPNIS, 3146 w. 16th St, Chicago, IL Doa: 5-14-22 at the Port Of Quebec.

KIPNES, Berle: female, 25 y, occ: wife. Pob: Narodyesy, Russia Nr: mother: Fugal (spelling?) Friedman, residing in Narodyezy, Russia. Dest: Meeting husband Elie KIPNIS, 210W. 12th St. Chicago, Il. Doa: 7-9-07, port of Quebec.

KIPNIS, Boruch: male, 19y, accompanied by Sura (60). Pob: Bazar, Russia. Nationality: Polish.  NR: Schie Hutter (the u has an umlaut), listed as "friend residing in Bazar, Russia". Dest: Meeting brother, Leo KIPNIS, residing at 1242 S. Throop St. Doa: ?

KIPNIS, Elie: male, 23y, POB: "Volnia Navowitz", Dest: Meeting cousin Itzchok KAPLAN, Chicago, Il, Doa: 4-25-05, Port of Halifax.

KIPNIS, Esther: female, 18y, pob: Kolbe?, Russia. Occ: tailoress, Nr: father, Pinchis Seibe KIPNIS [no location given], Dest: Brother, Abe COOPER, 1217 S. Morgan St. Chicago, IL., Doa: 6-12-13, Port of Quebec.

KIPNIS, Ester: female, 30y. Accompanied by Gersh (8) and Biela(4), Pob: Novogrod, Russia. LR: Bazar, Russia.  Nr: Her brother, Jankel Jano, residing in Nowogrodwolynsk, Volyn Gubernia. Dest: Meeting Hirsh KIPNIS, 935 W. 12th , Chicago, Il.  Doa: 2-19-14, Port of Halifax.  KIPNIS, Gersh. male, 8y.   Dest: Meet father, Leib (spelling?) KIPNIS, 935 W.12th St. Chicago, IL Doa: 2-19-14, Port of Halifax.

KIPNIS, Gershko: male 37y, pob: "Sawerod", Russia.  Dest: Meet wife, Libe KIPNIS. DOA: 6-6-14, Port of Halifax

KIPNIS, Harry: male 41y. Accompanied by Minnie (40), Dest: 1590 E. 28th St. NY, NY. DOA: 9-14-29, Port of Quebec.

KIPNIS, Helena: female, 22y, accompanied by Moische, POB: Warsaw, Poland. NR: Solomon BANANKIN (? Spelling), residing in Kiev. Dest: Meeting father in law: Chaim KIPNIS residing at 3146 16th St. Chicago, IL.  Doa: 11-3-23 at Port Of Quebec.

KIPNIS, Helena: female, 22y. POB: Warsaw, Poland. NR: David Majzel, residing at 44 Sliska Str. Warsaw, Poland.  Dest: Meeting father in law: Chaim KIPNIS residing at 3146 16th St. Chicago, IL. Doa: 12-17-23 at Port Of Quebec.

KIPNIS, Moische: male, 25y. Dest: meeting brother-in-law Leib (spelling?) Koffman (spelling?), 1117 14th Pl. Chicago, IL. Doa: 12-25-09 at Port of Halifax.

KIPNIS, Male: female, 16y, accompanied by Sura (60). POB: Bazar, Russia. NR: Schie Hutter (‘u’ has an umlaut), a friend residing in Bazar, Russia. Dest: ? KIPNIS (brother), residing at 1242 S. Throop St. Chicago, Il. Doa: 12-18-21, Port of St. John, NB.

KIPNIS, Pinches, male, 20y. POB: "Ovriez, Russia". LR: Odessa, Russia. NR: Mother: Perel (spelling? Maybe Berel?) KIPNIS, residing in "Powniez".   Dest: Meeting brother Moische KIPNIS, res at 3492 Pennsylvania Ave (somewhere in Indiana). Doa: 9-2-13, Port of Halifax.

KIPNIS, Riwka: female, 34y, acc by Roza (8). POB: Korosten, Russia. LR: Rovno (Kovno?), Rus. NR: Her sister, Leba PETROWSKA, residing in Kiev, Russia. Dest: Meet her husband, Jacques KIPNIS, Carroll St. (no state given!). DOA: 12-18-21, Port of St. John.

KEPNES, Yankel: male, 18y. POB: "Kalinofska", Russia. NR: her mother Chasia. Dest: Her father, Herbert. Residing at 4200 W. Harrison Ave. Chicago, IL. Doa: 9-18-13 at the port of Montreal.

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