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      World War I Draft Registration Cards, Chicago City Area

From Reel 1493572, including Chicago City area #23:

Elias KIPNIS; 1323 13th St. Chicago, IL. DOB: 1883/04/15. occ: insurance; employer: Clover Leaf Sup. Co. 4551 S. Michigan Blvd. NR: Bella KIPNIS (at same address as above). Physical description: height=medium, hair=brown, eyes=gray

Juda Louis KIPNIS; 1326 Hastings St. Chicago, IL. DOB: 1879/12/25. Citizenship status: Still a subject of Russia [I can’t determine if 1st papers have been filed]. occ: storekeeper, General Merchandise at W. 12th St., Chicago IL. NR: Anna KIPNIS (same address as above);  Physical description: height=medium, build=medium, hair=brown, eyes=brown

Nathan KIPNIS 1259 Washburn, Chicago, IL. POB: Bazar; Father’s POB: Bazar. Self-employed, 919 W. 12th. St. Chicago, IL. NR: Louis KIPNIS 1326 Hastings St. (see above).  Physical description: hair=black, eyes=gray


From Reel 149352, including Chicago City area #34:

Abraham KIPNIS; DOB: 1890/02/20. POB: Iskorost [Korosten]. Citizenship status: declaration of intentions (first papers) filed. occ: cigar maker, Havana America Co. Dependents? Yes - wife and 2 children. Physical description: height=medium, build=slender, hair=black, eyes=gray

H.B. KIPNIS; 1441 N. Talman Ave. Chicago, IL; DOB: 1892/12/13. POB: Naroditch.   occ: medical student, at University of Illinois. Physical description: height=medium, build=medium, hair=black, eyes=brown

Philip KIPNIS 2542 Patomac Ave. Chicago, IL. DOB: 1893/06/23; POB: Ovrutch, Russia; occ: men’s tailor at Hart Schaffner & Marks. Single.  Physical description: height=5’6", build=medium, hair=brown, eyes=brown


From Reel 1493578, including Chicago City area #27:

Moty KIPNIS; 2735 Kedzie Ave; DOB: 1878/08/15. Citizenship status: declaration of intentions (first papers) filed. Listed as a ‘citizen of Chech-slovak (Austria)’. occ: Helper, International Harvester Co, Chicago, IL. NR: Wife, Anna. Physical description: height=5’6", hair=brown, eyes=gray


 From Reel 1493582, including Chicago City area # :

Jake KIPNIS; 2927 Van Beuren St., Chicago, IL. DOB: 1897/06/05; POB: Kalinovka; Citizenship status: listed as ‘citizen of Russia’; occ: listed as an ‘employee of Wet Wash Laundry’, 2927 Van Beuren St., Chicago, IL.  NR: Hyman KIPNIS, 3146 W. 16th St., Chicago, IL.  Physical description: height=medium, build=’stout’, hair=black, eyes=hazel


From Reel 1613747, including Chicago City area #61:

Morris KIPNIS, 4499 N. Kirkuk (sp?) Ave., Chicago, IL. DOB: 1892/04/29; POB: Russia.   Citizenship status: declaration of intentions (first papers) filed. OCC: Grocery & Market (self employed). Supporting wife and 1 child. Physical description: height=short, hair=black, eyes=blue


From Reel 1503984, including Chicago City area #81:

Aaron KIPNIS; 1439 S. Turnbull Ave., Chicago, IL. DOB: 1894/09/10. POB: Zhitomir, Russia; Citizenship status: declaration of intentions (first papers) filed. occ: newspaper dealer (self-employed) at 1894 Houston Ave. Single, supporting father, mother, and 3 children. Physical description: height=medium, hair=black, eyes=brown.

Edward KIPNIS; 3301 W. 12th St., Chicago, IL. DOB: 1896/03/14; POB: Kiev, Russia. Citizenship status: Naturalized citizen. Occ: Chauffeur (Sears Roebuck and Co). Single; partially supports mother. Requests exemption from military service due to near-sightedness. . Physical description: height=medium, hair=black, eyes=brown

Isaac KIPNISS; 3229 W. 12th St., Chicago, IL. DOB: 1878/07/27; Occ: Fruit store at 510 S. Kedzie Ave. NR: Mollie KIPNIS (at same address). Physical description: stout, hair=brown, eyes=gray.


**** end of entries found for Chicago City areas ***

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